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2014 Grant Awards 

 Troy Middle School
Amount: $4,845.88

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs are predicted to grow by 17% through 2020. Additionally, in 2010, STEM workers earned 26% more than non-STEM workers. This award will help expand a VEX Robotics extracurricular and competition program to run as a wintertime after-school activity to increase student’s knowledge in engineering and to increase interpersonal skills as students learn to work as a team. 

Troy Buchanan High School
Amount: $5,000

This award exposes agricultural students to the numerous career opportunities specifically in our region. During a three-day program, students tour six international agricultural businesses in the St. Louis area to learn about a variety of careers and to see how successful agri-businesses function.

Troy Buchanan High School
Amount: $10,000

In the areas of student’s procedural/conceptual skills and skills retention, students using algebraic graphing calculators outperform students who do not have access to these tools. This award will purchase 100 additional algebraic graphing calculators to be used across the entire TBHS math department.

New Horizons High School
Amount: $2,000

For our District’s students, cost should never be a limitation in receiving an education. This grant covers the cost of 20 New Horizons’ students to take their high school equivalency exam.

Ninth Grade Center
Amount: $6,827.25

This grant provides specialized sensory equipment for a newly created high-needs classroom. This equipment, along with two iPads, provides unique learning opportunities for learning.

William Cappel Elementary
Amount: $2,500

It is well documented that students that fail to read adequately by the end of the 1st grade have a 90% probability of remaining poor readers by the 4th grade. 70% of those readers will continue struggling throughout high school. This grant helped fund a Leveled Literacy Intervention program that helps children read at an age-appropriate level.

Cuivre Park Elementary
Amount: $14,000

iPads allow teachers to create collaborative small group activities that engage all the senses. Young children need practice and repetition with many concepts that are part of the pre-reading and early math learning. This grant of 25 iPads and a charging station will impact CPE kindergarteners for years to come. 

Cuivre Park Elementary
Amount: $14,370

Students must be prepared for an information-based technological society. By using Android tablets and differentiated instruction, CPE pupils develop team skills and learning strategies for the future.

Troy Middle School
Amount: $18,372

Special education students who struggle with written expression become easily frustrated with the task of communicating in written form. Despite their disabilities, these students know exponentially more than they are able to write down. This program bridges the gap between what these students know and how they express it in written form.