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  • July 8 -             Lincoln County Fair Parade
  • August 6-9        R-III Open Houses
  • September 20-  Donor Breakfast
  • October 27 -      City of Troy Pumpkin Fest
  • November 7 -      Grant Application Workshop
  • November 14 -    Grant Application Workshop
  •  February 4 -     Grant Applications Due
  • February 23 -     *Comedy Night
  • March 13 -R-III Health Fair/*Buick Drive One
  • April 13  -         A Night at the Hungate    
  • May -               *Major Saver Card Sales
  • May -                2019 Grant Brigade

All Secondary Education Facilities
Amount: $5,000

Choir and Show Choir are two activities that rely heavily on electronic keyboards. Therefore, due to the outdated synthesizers they contained, the choirs will now encompass a new Korg Kronos “X” that will not only benefit them but their audience. This new synthesizer not only allows a much broader variety of synthesized sounds but also allows students to record musical samples for their solo and ensemble pieces.

Hawk Point Elementary, Boone Elementary, Lincoln Elementary
Amount: $27,500

As the Lincoln County R-III School District is transitioning towards Common Core Standards it is imperative that teachers and students have the technology resources they need to be the most successful. This grant will provide two iPad carts for three different buildings, servicing approximately 700 students. 

2013 Grant Awards